Take a look at how designing choice architecture through meaningful conversation can help young people manage their mental health challenges.

Things I know now that I wish I knew then... (Part I):

  1. I wish I planned my teaching for learners with the most barriers first

  2. I wish I got to know what a 'barrier' looked like for a learner in my classroom

  3. I wish I loved the learners who needed it the most


You will never know how much impact you have on the learners in your classroom or institution.  The teaching profession like others moves at a great pace.  A year goes past in a blink of an eye as does the next one.  I have been a teacher and leader in London, Bristol...

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Since coming into the world of social media and blogging, it has opened a number of doors for me.  I communicate with so many more people now and have experienced a rich tapestry of ideas, resources and discussions that in my former life didn't exi...

All the examples of pedagogical practice that I share can be applied to a number of subject areas and stages.  By looking at the structure of teaching and learning, I hope you are more able to readily apply great practice in within your areas as well as help others imp...

I feel so privileged that a large part of my job involves seeing lots of lessons.  I make a big point of it.  Seeing teaching in action is something that can often get missed.  There is always something else to do - isn't there? I made commitment to myself that in my n...

Ah the joys of parenting.  Having children is one of the most rewarding things that could possibly happen.  It does of course come with many challenges.  My wife and I have two children, aged six and four.  Your first child is a game changer; you feel so unprepared.  W...

So my second blog... and a lot has happened in the space of six days since my first one.  I was taken aback by the support and feedback from my presentation on Nudging Values @TMSouthWales.  The title very much embodies what I am most passionate about in education; nud...

Why teach? Is it possible to identify what makes great learning, teaching and leading & share it with others? Does great education have a structure that can be identified and shared?

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