Tea with Dates

The 1st Night - Preparation

Political Conference

The 2nd Fast - Fasting at work

Fresh Milk

The 1st Fast - Keeping it simple

Quran and Prayer Beads

The 3rd Fast - Peace

A Mosque Courtyard

The 4th Fast - The Days of Mercy

Rear View of Man with Backpack

The 5th Fast - The Weekend


The 6th Fast - The 'Iftar'

(Breaking of the fast)

Youth Basketball Game

The 7th Fast

Making the most of young Muslims

Man Praying

The 8th Fast - Spiritual growth

Students Taking Exams

The 9th Fast

- Learning from Ramadan

Chicken Shish Kebab

The 10th Fast - Pacing yourself

Road to Monument Valley

The 11th Fast

- The days of forgiveness

Rugby Players

The 12th Fast - Enriching others


The 13th Fast

- The importance of resting

The Five Daily Prayers.JPG

The 14th Fast - The Five Prayers

Moon phases.JPG

The 15th Fast

- The phases of the moon

Reviewing for the Exam

The 16th Fast

- The Reward of Ramadan

Ancient Architecture

The 17th Fast

- The power of intentions

Fall Foliage

The 18th Fast

- The rhythm of Ramadan

Reading the Quran

The 19th Fast  - Identity


The 20th Fast  - Ramadan Mishaps

Moonlit Night

The 21st Fast

- The Night of Power


The 22nd Fast

- Exemptions from fasting

Muslim Man Praying

The 23rd Fast

- Fasting and refraining


The 24th Fast

- Your questions

Decorative Lamps

The 25th Fast

- Harmony and difference


The 26th Fast

- The positions of prayer

Praying In Mosque

The 27th Fast - The Opening


The 28th Fast - Reading & Writing


The 29th Fast - Preparing for Eid!