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It's never too late:

Sometimes I'd look at all the activity on social media and think "I've really missed a trick here!"

I was quite late on the twitter scene and even now I don't feel I have the hang of it. I must admit is it quite daunting to think that as I write this, the world is ever changing. And that is why ultimately I am taking the plunge into social media.

I have always believed in the power of education. Its ability to open doors and allow those to thrive who otherwise would have stayed still; or even gone backwards. Sugata Mitra's Hole in the Wall experiments have vividly shown how given the opportunity, people will choose to learn and better themselves. This leaves me with a rather uneasy question. Why do we make it so difficult for the process of learning to happen?

Of course it's not deliberate. As the world has evolved educational practice in many cases has not kept apace. Having a system of education that is free at point of delivery, subject to changes in the economic and political worlds as well as an increasing population is certainly a challenge. But it is this challenge that makes the being an educator the best job in the world. It is only when we are presented with difficult problems that we can look to find the best and most innovative solutions.

Eleven years ago, I decided to become a teacher to make a difference. I passionately believe that if we start to focus on the structures of great practice, that we can more readily share these structures. Great learning, great teachers and great leaders are not made by accident. I want to understand the architecture around it and in doing so better my own practice and that of others.

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